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This Section provides access to an Online database of:
• The best educational Videogames and mobile apps available on the market
• The most suitable Videogames and Apps that, even if not specifically designed for educational purpose, can be used as teaching or learning tools with students

Videogames and apps are categorized, analyzed and assessed in order to provide the teachers with all the necessary information and hints to make full use of the Videogames and Apps in teaching contexts.

Partners' Institution
Kaunas University of Technology
Neringa Kelpšaitė


Image source:
Product type
Educational App
Name of the videogame/app
Name of the producer
How to find it
To be Purchased
Main technical requirements
Windows, Ios, Android
Native Virtual Reality Support
Target Audience
1-5 years
Augmented Reality
PEGI Clasification

Use in Educational contexts

Degree of required tutoring
Autonomous use by students
Subjects involved
Math, Languages, Arts and Music
Educational Potential
"For easy young learner’s transition into kindergarten and first grade by joining virtual expedition made up of over 900 fun, engaging activities. It feels like play, but Intellijoy Kids Academy develops child confident and makes ready to begin school on the right foot. This apps is a holistic, step-by-step kindergarten and 1st grade preparation program."
Intellijoy’s games are played almost 10 million times each month and they earned the top spots in the Education category.

Main focus:
- graphics and features created strictly for educational purpose (no 3D, because "preschoolers are naturally curious and do not need to be tricked into learning with extra effects");
- no banner ads;
- each game is dedicated to one specific part of preschool curriculum. "Kids get to focus and master a given skill before moving on to the next one. This gives preschoolers a sense of accomplishment and motivates them to keep learning."

• Preschool (Age 3+)
• Pre – K (Age 4+)
• Kindergarten (Age 5+)*

Literacy, Math, Art & Music, World Around Us

More information:
Learning Object / Suggested activities with students
Apps used as leisure time game, to calm down or focus the child on one spot. Games are engaged and educative. Good preparation before school or in 1st grade to develop English language, mathematics and other skills.

Skills and competences

Skills and competences acquired
Fundamental English language skills (letters and words), a solid foundation of age-appropriate math skills (shapes, numbers, counting and mathematical operations) for successful start in school. Also nurtured creativity skills as an introduction to the visual arts and music through: colors, art expressions, music; and mental map of the world around us through: work, sports, home and animals themes.

• Learning letter names and sounds
• Tracing uppercase & lowercase letters
• Differentiating between uppercase and lowercase letters
• Finding letters inside words
• Arranging the letters in the alphabetical order
• Associating a letter sound with the word that begins with it
• Understanding the difference between vowels and consonants

• Blending sounds into words
• Understanding word families
• Forming simple words from letters
• Forming CVC words
• Reading sight words
• Matching rhyming words

• Learning the names of shapes
• Identifying shapes
• Finding shapes in everyday life

• Forming numbers using puzzle pieces (1-9)
• Learning names of numbers (1-100)
• Tracing numbers (1 - 100)
• Learning the numerical order (1-100)
• Comparing numerals (1-100)

• Counting the total number of objects (1-10)
• Associating a number of objects with a written numeral (1-10)
• Counting by ones (1-100)
• Counting objects arranged in various configurations (1-20)

Mathematical operations
• Representing addition/subtraction problem with objects (1-10)
• Representing addition/subtraction problem with equations (1-10)
• Solving addition word problems (1-10)
• Solving subtraction word problems (1-10)

Creativity Unit
Creativity is highly sought after these days. Intellijoy Early Learning Academy nurtures this quality in young learners through an introduction to the visual arts and music.

• Colors
• Art Expression
• Music

World Around Us
Creating, and adding to, a mental map of the world around us is essential for lasting learning. “The World Around Us” helps kids to lay the foundation for lifelong curiosity and mental map making.

• Work
• Sports
• Home
• Animals
Soft skills
Creativity, Self-confidence


Partners' Institution
Kaunas University of Technology
Author of the comments
Lentvaris Kindergarten "Šilas" - Irena Kraičinska
Children were happy and their gained skills. They engaged in the offered game, developed different skills like fine motor skills, conceiving the task, attention, counting and recognizing symbols. The game is colorful, playful with illustrations and has wide range of activities content.

Children comments:
Majus (5 years): "The letter here is as sugar."
Partners' Institution
Kaunas University of Technology
Author of the comments
Lentvaris Kindergarten "Šilas" - Virginija Sventkauskienė
The game involved children. They liked colorful and nice animation. For each task, children got present and they discussed about that present. The game concentrated children, they had to wait their turn.

Children comments:
Maksimas (5 years): I like to write letters and count stars. If I was too slow, I was able to play it again. I learnt to make it start again."
Mėja (5 years): "Very funny games, when you finish you get the surprise. I like to write letters."
Gvidas (5 years): "I know all the letters, just I am writing not correctly. With this game it is possible to learn to write."
Partners' Institution
Hellenic Open University
Author of the comments
Tsakalidou Konstantina
This app offers a holistic preparation for the preschool child and it covers all the major areas of interest for this age group, literacy, maths, art, music, in a fun and playful manner. Quite a useful tool for the parent or the teacher.
Partners' Institution
Hellenic Open University
Author of the comments
Nancy Gkitersou
This game has got a very rich environment and makes it very challenging for the very young learners.

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