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Assessment in Videogames and Educational Apps Based Learning in Upper Secondary and Post Secondary Non-Tertiary Education

Interactive Test

Chapter 12

You have to answer all the questions to get your score

Question n° 1/5
What is the distinctive feature of vocational education competencies?

Competencies are specific and practical
Competencies are broad and hard to define
Competencies are easy to measure with paper-pencil tests
Competencies are the same in various fields of vocational studies
Question n° 2/5
What type of game would be the best for secondary and vocational studies?

Question n° 3/5
What are the 3 components of Integrated assessment model (Ifenthaler, 2012)?

Game levels, game scoring, time in game
External assessment, game scoring, teacher observation
Game scoring, screen recording, final exam
External assessment, embedded assessment, game scoring
Question n° 4/5
Which of the following is not one of the formative assessment areas enabling student growth?

Determine the level of learner current knowledge
Individually review learning progress
Observe student social behaviour
Set targets for future efforts
Question n° 5/5
What are teacher roles in designing and playing games?

Designer, player, facilitator, motivator, evaluator
Designer, player, grader, judge, observer
Motivator, evaluator, facilitator, presenter, timekeeper
Peace-maker, timekeeper, evaluator, presenter, tester
You have to answer all the questions to get your score

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