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Social media and education: Main Challenges, Strengths and Weaknesses of Mobile Apps in Education

Interactive Test

Chapter 10

You have to answer all the questions to get your score

Question n° 1/6
What is the term Social Media NOT refferred to ?

Taking photos and saving them on the PC
Question n° 2/6
What does Web 2.0 mean for users?

Companies are using the internet for distributing information to people.
Everyone can contribute to the internet and share content
Question n° 3/6
Which among these statements is false with reference to Generation Z?

They are familiar with the internet and social media from the very beginning of their lifes
They are "always on" (always online)
They are digitally competent
Question n° 4/6
Among these mechanisms which is the one NOT associated to Social Media?

Question n° 5/6
Among these which is a risk when using Social Media Tools/Apps for education?

The students could have a problem with distraction
Students could be discriminated and bullied on the internet
Social Media Tools are influencing the identities of the students
All the mentioned ones are actually concrete risks
Question n° 6/6
What are the reasons for using Social Media in education?

Motivational elements and processes of gamification could be integrated into learning scenarios
Students could learn wherever they are
The students are already familiar with Social Media Tools and are using them in their leisure time
All of them
You have to answer all the questions to get your score

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