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This Section provides access to an Online database of:
• The best educational Videogames and mobile apps available on the market
• The most suitable Videogames and Apps that, even if not specifically designed for educational purpose, can be used as teaching or learning tools with students

Videogames and apps are categorized, analyzed and assessed in order to provide the teachers with all the necessary information and hints to make full use of the Videogames and Apps in teaching contexts.

Partners' Institution
Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera
Roberto Carraro


Product type
Educational videogame
Name of the videogame/app
Godot Engine
Name of the producer
Godot Community
How to find it
For free
Direct link if available
Main technical requirements
Windows, Linux, Ios
Native Virtual Reality Support
Educational, Authoring tool
Target Audience
6-11 years, 12-17 years, 18+ years
Augmented Reality
PEGI Clasification

Use in Educational contexts

Degree of required tutoring
Autonomous use after teacher introduction/explanation
Subjects involved
Special needs
Visual impairment, Learning difficulties
Educational Potential
Godot aims to offer a fully integrated game development environment. It allows developers to create a game from scratch needing no other tools beyond those used for content creation (art assets, music etc.). The architecture is built around a concept of a tree of nested "scenes". All game resources, from scripts to graphical assets, are saved as part of the computer's file system (rather than in a database). This storage solution is intended to make it easier for game development teams to collaborate on script code using version control.
Learning Object / Suggested activities with students
The scene architecture is free, the students can be creative on how they structure the game, can learn the internal structure, can even became Godot contributors in the future. It is free for personal use, and the designer is not full of prefabs and systems, so students are not tempted to trow a lot of random pre-made plugin and try to make it work, they more easily focus in creating their own solutions.

Skills and competences

Skills and competences acquired
Godot is simple, lightweight and runs on any computer, it is intuitive. Its architecture is really good, and the API is easy to understand and give a creative margin experience.
Soft skills
Critical thinking, Problem solving, Creativity, Coaching, Innovation


Partners' Institution
Xano Channel
Author of the comments
Ignacio Pachés Giner
Godot is another attempt to easy the game creation, which is intrinsically a complex task. Although a bit requiring in the beginning, in the long run, students and teachers can benefit from it. either by using it as a learning tools or by creating content (not only games) around crucial matter of school subjects.
Partners' Institution
Author of the comments
Gerald Weihs
Klingt f

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