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This Section provides access to an Online database of:
• The best educational Videogames and mobile apps available on the market
• The most suitable Videogames and Apps that, even if not specifically designed for educational purpose, can be used as teaching or learning tools with students

Videogames and apps are categorized, analyzed and assessed in order to provide the teachers with all the necessary information and hints to make full use of the Videogames and Apps in teaching contexts.

Partners' Institution
Erika Pernold


Image source:
Product type
Educational App
Name of the videogame/app
King of Math junior
Name of the producer
Oddrobo Software AB (Sweden)
How to find it
To be Purchased
Main technical requirements
Ios, Android
Native Virtual Reality Support
Target Audience
6-11 years
Augmented Reality
PEGI Clasification

Use in Educational contexts

Degree of required tutoring
Autonomous use after teacher introduction/explanation
Subjects involved
Educational Potential
This is a game with mathematical tasks. The goal is to go up a social ranking by answering mathematical tasks and riddles in a medieval surrounding. The player can collect stars and medals and can see the results of friends and family. The player can choose from different chapters (Counting, Addition, Subtraction,…). Within a chapter the tasks (operations) are getting more difficult. In each task, the player has four possible answers in which one is correct. There ist no time limit for answering the questions, so it is easier for younger players. You get feedback if an answer is not correct and you have another try.

Children practice mathematic in a playful way and learn through repetition. The game could be used within school lessons or for playing at home. There are no misleading information or violence in this game.
Learning Object / Suggested activities with students
Students could divide in groups of two. Each group goes through one chapter which is interesting for the lesson. The teacher once goes to each group and looks if there are problems and at wich section (with wich operations). If there are problems, the teacher addresses them after playing the game for all students. Otherwise he/she summarizes the operations for all after playing the game.

Skills and competences

Skills and competences acquired
The players solve mathematical tasks of different fields and learn to have more than one sight on mathematical concepts.

Task types:
- Counting
- Addition
- Subtraction
- Multiplication
- Division
- Geometry
- Equations
- Measures
- Riddles
- Fractions

The assessment could be a review of each chapter within class.
Soft skills
Problem solving


Partners' Institution
Hellenic Open University
Author of the comments
Karanika Eleftheria
It is a very good math game even for kindergarten children
It can help increase their observation skills and hand-eye coordination.
Partners' Institution
Hellenic Open University
Author of the comments
Efi Manioti
This game can be used in early childhood educational settings as well in primary education. Teachers can promote and develop student
Partners' Institution
Hellenic Open University
Author of the comments
Vasiliki Kontogianni

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